On-Site Repairs

Willmar Forklift is ready to tackle any service calls no matter the size.  Willmar Forklift has four fully equipped service trucks ready to meet your needs no matter where your equipment might be.  By coming to you, Willmar Forklift can get your forklift inspected or repaired and back into service quickly without the hassle of transporting to an off-site repair shop.  Every Willmar Forklift truck is staffed by professional technicians capable of performing a number of forklift services on your equipment.

The best way to fix a problem is often to prevent it in the first place.  That’s where Willmar Forklift’s on-site inspection and preventive maintenance programs come in handy.  By identifying problems at an early stage, Willmar Forklift can help prevent small problems from turning into big and often expensive ones.  The experienced technicians at Willmar Forklift offer fast, friendly, and professional service every time.

Willmar Forklift services Minnesota and South Dakota areas.

Annual Inspections

Annual inspections should be performed on all your equipment as part of a regular maintenance schedule.  Willmar Forklift offers annual inspections by trained professionals as a great way to stop little problems from turning into bigger problems down the road.

Through a series of preventive measures, you can be rest assured that your equipment will continue to operate at it’s peak performance for years to come.  Depending on your forklift, preventive maintenance needs to be performed at regular intervals to maintain the health of your equipment.  Simple checks of the hydraulic systems and performing an oil, change can go a long way in preventing expensive overhauls and rebuilds later on.  A preventive maintenance program is fundamental in keeping your equipment in top shape to save you money in the long run by avoiding expensive repairs and reducing equipment downtime.

We can come right to your building and take care of your oil changes and safety inspections.  We can schedule it so that you don’t have to worry about whether your forklifts are getting taken care of and are OSHA compliant.

Annual inspections are available for scissor lifts and forklifts in the Minnesota and South Dakota areas.


Shop Repairs

Willmar Forklift has a fully equipped repair shop ready to offer fast and friendly forklift service anytime of the day.  Our highly qualified technicians are able to perform everything from tire pressing, to hose fabrication, to getting your equipment back up and running as soon as possible.  Our shop is always ready to help keep your forklifts running at their peak performance.

Willmar Forklift has a wide range of rental equipment to meet your needs and offer your company a way to keep your business flowing while your forklift is being repaired.  With on-site pick and drop off, your business won’t suffer from a halt in productivity because of an equipment malfunction.

We provide our customers with on-site and shop repairs, whichever is easiest for you.  We keep our technicians up to date and give them the tools necessary to do the job right.  We pride ourselves on same day service if possible.  Each mechanic has a Carbon Monoxide detector on-hand as well as a good supply of parts.  We can repair any forklifts, whether it be counter balance, sit down, stand up, paces, walkie, electric, propane, LP gas, gasoline, or diesel.

CO2 Testing

For CO Testing we can come to your location and test your machines to make sure they are running clean and are within OSHA’s standards.  This will save you money on fuel as well as fines.  See our tab on OSHA regulations for more information on CO2 testing.

CO2 testing is available for forklifts in Minnesota and South Dakota areas.