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On-Site Repairs

Willmar Forklift is ready to tackle any service calls no matter the size. Willmar Forklift has four fully equipped service trucks ready to meet your needs no matter where your equipment might be offering on site repair. By coming to you Willmar Forklift can get your forklift inspected or on site repair and back into service quickly without the hassle of transporting the equipment to an off site repair shop. Every Willmar Forklift truck is staffed by professional technicians capable of performing a number of services for your equipment.

The best way to fix a problem is often to prevent it in the first place. Thats where Willmar Forklift on site repair inspection and preventive maintenance programs come in handy. By identifying problems at an early stage Willmar Forklift can help prevent small problems from turning into big and often expensive problems. The experienced technicians at Willmar Forklift offer fast, friendly and professional service every time.

Willmar Forklift offers on site repair in both MN and SD