I have a Mitsubishi forklift that has a code on dash, how do I clear it?Look on our website under clearing codes and also code tables that will tell you codes for caterpillar, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. We can also come to your location and fix the problem.
What are the different types of forklift tires? There are two main types of tires for a forklift; cushion and pneumatic. Cushion tires are mainly for indoor use and come in either traction or smooth. Pneumatic tires come in either air or solid pneumatic. Solid pneumatic are a solid rubber tire shaped like an air tire and a regular air tire.
Can I put chains on forklift tires?You sure can. You can put chains on an air tired forklift, but not on a hard tired forklift. We stock most sizes of tire chains for forklifts. Our tire chains have square hardened links.
Will a 10 foot mast work for handling seed?A 10 foot mast will stack seed 3 pallets high. If you would want to go higher, you would have to get a triple mast.
Which type of forklift is better to buy for indoor use, LP forklift or electric forklift?If you have the option to get an LP powered forklift it will be cheaper in the long run. An LP forklift will have cheaper repair bills and you will not be forced to buy costly batteries.
Why are used electric forklifts selling for less than other used forklifts?Electric forklifts batteries have a life of approximately 5 years and the batteries run $4000-$5000 each depending on the size. Also most chargers are 3 phase and many buildings do not have 3 phase power.
I live in southwestern Minnesota. Do you do forklift service in places other than Kandiyohi county?Yes we provide forklift service in Minnesota (MN) and South Dakota (SD), along with scissor lift repair and service in both Minnesota (MN) and South Dakota (SD).
What are black market forklifts or grey market forklifts and are you able to get parts for them?Black market forklifts or grey market forklifts are essentially the same thing, Forklifts that are made in Japan. They have a different serial number than those that are made in the US but are essentially the same.
Do you do work in South Dakota?Yes we do! Currently we do work in Beresford, Big Stone, Brookings, Milbank, and Watertown but we are always looking for more locations.
How has the model number of a 5000LB Caterpillar Forklift Changed overtime?V50
V50C 1980-1983
V50D 1985-1993
GP25 1993-200
GP25K 2000-2003
P5000 2004-2010
2P5000 2010-2014
GP25N 2014-Current
What does E-28 mean?PHASE sensor error signal.
My forklift says Code E-34 what does this mean?Spark system error signal
My dash says E-31 on my forklift what is this?Electronic control throttle control error signal
What does Code E-38 mean on a forklift?LPG vaporizer diagnostic result signal
What is Code E-26?O2 sensor heater error signal
Why does Code E-25 keeps flashing?O2 sensor error signal
Code E-29 what does this mean on my forklift?Self shutdown system diagnostic result error signal
What is Code E-36?LPG fuel pressure sensor diagnostic result signal
What should one doe about Code E-40?Oil pressure sensor diagnostic result signal